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Power Templates Software

Power Templates 3D Smart Assemblies

Power Templates save time and money by eliminating repetitive steps from the design process. An entire assembly can be inserted into the design rather than bringing components in one at a time. By utilizing the Power Template assemblies, the groundwork for your design can be quickly set in place. The assemblies are fully parameterized and constrained as needed. These assemblies can be modified as a whole rather than individually. This greatly reduces the time required to complete the design.

Power Templates can be customized to your written die standards. Anything from casting rib thickness to mounting feet styles and spacing can be preset ahead of time. If you change it at review, it can be changed and updated in seconds. These settings can include colors, spacing, style, certain brands of components, running or fit up clearances, tap and drill sizes, and much more.

Get your standards from written format to virtual 3-D format with the Power Template System for design. All your completed designs will look like the same designer completed them, in record time, with significantly reduced errors, and with greater downstream manufacturing capability.

We have customers completing designs consistently in half the time and with far fewer errors. Machining is more automated, designs are more consistent, and overall project cost is significantly reduced. Contact us today to get on the fast track with the Power Template System.

Power Template Software System Includes:

  • Die Set Template
  • Lifter Rack Template
  • Stock Strip Template
  • Nitrogen Manifold Template
  • Nitrogen Plumb Plate
  • Draw Die Template
  • Form Die Template
  • Trim Die Template
  • Pierce Die Template
  • Cam Templates

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