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Automate CATIA Functions

Power Apps automate several CATIA V5 functions. Tasks that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes or seconds. Power Apps are used in several industries including: aerospace, automotive, ship building, and architecture. Even companies not using the Power Catalog and Power Templates will benefit fully from these applications. Here are some of our most popular Power Apps:

Automates the machining of block to block features (taps, dowels, pockets, pads) in seconds. This application does both removes AND adds. You can finish an entire assembly FAST while maintaining all SMART links for updates.

Automates several parameter/property functions including: adding, removing, and renaming. Links can be created to an existing text document, one at a time, or in mass quantity. You can select parts or entire assemblies.

Automates the creation of a fully attributed symmetrically opposite assembly. The sym opp components have properties, parameters, and are named to your specifications. Take a coffee break while the software creates your entire opposite assembly in minutes.

Easily change any color or a multitude of colors. You can select by folder, feature, Assembly, Part, current color, and more. Color codes are no longer a nightmare when using this application.

Have all the parameters of any block available to you with a single click...no need to dig through the tree. Don't take your eyes from the task at hand. With the One Touch Tool, you can simply pick on the block in your assembly and access all the parameters for modification.

Allows user complete flexibility in renaming parts and assemblies. Fully equipped with search, add, and replace functionality. More than that, this tool allows file names, part numbers, detail numbers and any custom parameters to be accessed, modified, and applied into the name.

No matter the industry (aerospace, automotive, shipyard, or architecture), we can create a POWER APP that will pay for itself in just days. Contact us today for information on Power Apps that automate CATIA V5.

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