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Die Design Cost Analysis

Analyze the cost of a CAD design or Bill of Materials any time during the design process. Know your material and machining costs before you buy a single steel. By using your own purchasing data to calculate the cost of purchased items as well as the raw steel in a tool, you'll get accurate results every time.

With a 3-D CAD model, rough, finish and wire EDM machining costs can be determined. This intuitive tool will also analyze castings, pattern, burnout cost, and much more. When used in CATIA, designers can take advantage of a real-time cost "ticker" in the corner of their screen so they know the impact of using different components.

Getting started is easy. You can import Bills of Materials directly into the tool, it does the rest for you! Even if you have no CAD design, only a stock list, no problem. Import a BOM directly from Excel and know all your material costs in seconds. When you analyze a project, you can easily create informative reports that show the results of the analysis. Use these reports to compare to actual budget amounts and identify potential cost over-runs before ordering a single steel.

No need to hope you estimated correctly on a current project. Don't lose money on a project, ever again! Contact 3-D Solutions today and arm yourself with the facts on your tooling costs.

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