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Power Catalog Software

The Power Catalog reduces design time by utilizing thousands of pre-drawn intelligent CATIA V5 components. All components are organized for easy insertion into your die design. The components contain all the information and parameters needed to automatically generate a Stock List (Bill of Materials). Components also contain all the SMART fastener bodies and machining bodies to automate machining.

Don't waste time drawing components over and over again. Don't waste time looking through old designs for components you can salvage or try and reuse. Don't waste time downloading simple solid files from vendor websites. Get up to speed and design FAST with the Power Catalog System.

Components are SMART and contain built in self-checks to reduce designer error. An example would be nitrogen cylinders. If the cylinder is over traveled, a popup window will show the percentage of travel, and then recommend the designer choose a cylinder with a longer stroke.

The Power Catalog components not only give you the desired component, but also carry the necessary bodies required for machining pockets, clearance holes, fasteners, dowels and more. All components carry the necessary information for ordering and are directly linked to the stock list. This information continually updates as you make adjustments to the components, and virtually eliminates stock list errors.

The Power Catalog contains more than purchasable components. There is an extensive selection of "made" components ready for insertion into the design assembly. Some examples include: Trim Steels, Punch Steels, Stock Guides, Stripper Pads, Pad Windows, Form Blocks, Pitch Swivels, Cam Components, Keys, Keepers and many more. Get up to SPEED today with the Power Catalog. The latest version includes thousands of purchased components from Ajacs, Amcor, Argon, Dadco, Danly, Dayton, Forward, Hyson, IEM, IMP, Jergens, Jolico, Lamina, Misumi, Moeller, Carr Lane, Fibro, Impax, Sankyo, SelfLube, Standard Lifters, Standfast, Superior and more!

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