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Maximize Production with Transfer Press Simulation Software

In today's extremely fast paced, lean-manufacturing world, on-time and on-budget are more important than ever. Transfer die problems and related problem-solving wreak havoc on production and deadlines, and cut deeply into profits. By using transfer die simulation software, stamping manufacturers, die builders and designers can troubleshoot and perfect their transfer die stamping runs before they ever go to production.

Transfer Simulation is not just for Initial Setup and Home-Line Runoffs, we can also increase production of your existing tooling by optimizing your dies with transfer press production simulations

Our Transfer Simulation Service uses kinematics to check for crashes and close calls between the dies, transfer system and press. Your entire die is put into motion, including all pads, lifters, and cams, so full functionality can be verified. A Corrective Action Report (CAR) is generated to communicate where changes are needed. Transfer curves can be adjusted and optimized for maximum strokes per minute (SPM). Full motion videos are included to clearly communicate any issues found in simulation. Use Transfer Simulation for design, setup, and production.

T-Sim Solutions Transfer Simulation

Visit our T-Sim Solutions website to learn more about our transfer simulation software and how it can help your business.

  • Eliminate clashes & clearance issues before tools are built
  • Minimize initial setup time for tooling
  • Ensure a smooth and successful Home Line Run Off
  • Optimize transfer & press motion for maximum productivity
  • Try out your tooling before any steel is ordered or cut
  • Increase production efficiency for tooling already in production

Our service will determine the velocity and acceleration rate of the transfer system, and return your maximum SPM. Curves can be easily adjusted and re-analyzed in minutes to optimize motions for the highest production rate. Once optimization is complete, upper and lower interference curves are generated for export to your design source. Address the issues at the beginning of the project instead of worrying about it at the end.

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Eliminate crashes and increase production, all with Transfer Simulation Software

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