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3-D Die Design Services

Die Design Services, From Concept to Completion

By combining talented people, a proven design process, and first class software and hardware we are able to complete 3-D designs delivered on time, and of the highest quality... it's not our goal, it's reality.

From concept to completion our design team specializes in transfer dies and complex progressive dies for a variety of industries, including: automotive, appliance, office furniture, agricultural, heavy truck and off-road vehicle industries. Dies designed by us are currently running in presses from 200 tons to 3000 tons at stamping facilities around the world.

If you have difficult or complex parts to process, consider our team of experts. We use a group setting to problem solve and brainstorm ideas for best part processing. We confirm form stations with DYNAFORM Simulation Analysis if required. If tolerance allows, customers often wire burn trim steels directly from our designs. This avoids the cost of unnecessary trim development.

If you are using CATIA V5, the delivered 3-D design will be SMART, with all links and associations preserved. This allows part engineering changes to be easily implemented, or trim development to be updated at your facility after press tryout is complete. We can also update or implement any changes for you during build or press tryout.

If you utilize different 3-D software, we output the latest STEP 214 files. The files will come into your system with your standard color codes and desired tree structure. If 2-D design or detail drawings are requested, we output 2-D files in CATIA, AutoCAD, or IGES format for smooth implementation into your system.

With the ability to see the whole picture, from design to long range production, we provide a die design that will meet or exceed your requirements and expectations. We meticulously work at providing an error free product designed with cost-effectiveness, ease-of-build, and durability in mind. Entrust us with your next project, and see why all our customers are return customers.

Available 3-D Software Solutions:

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